Love for Krishna

The love of the Gopis towards Sri Krishna was not carnal is best attested by the fact that those Gopis who were not allowed to go out of their homes by their elders, thus shut up in their rooms, immediately gave up their bodies through intense love towards their beloved, which took their spirits at once to his feet by drawing their minds away from all earthly concernments. Hence death, instead of being a fearful thing, as is the case with all ordinary mortals, was merely a plaything to them. They could court it at their will. Such is the indescribable power of genuine love.

The personal charm of Sri Krishna was, no doubt, a cause of great attraction to them at first, but this very thing served to make them totally unmindful of themselves, and ultimately took them away from all their bodily concernments.

Although the shepherd girls were engaged in all their household duties and appeared as so many dutiful wives and mothers,still their whole souls were filled with Sri Krishna every moment of their lives.

Source: Sri Krishna Pastoral and King-Maker – Swami Ramakrishnananda – page 58

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