Swami Adbhutananda as We Saw Him

Source : Swami Adbhutananda as We Saw Him

How to Maintain an Organization,

Once, there was a talk of asking a sadhu of a Calcutta branch of our Math to leave the organization. He heard it and came to Latu Maharaj and went on speaking against the head of that branch. Latu Maharaj was annoyed and scolded him, and narrated the following incident to him:


‘One day brother Baburam could not get up in time. When it was reported to Swamiji, he asked someone, “Go and ring the bell near his ears.” He did as he was ordered to do. Still brother Baburam did not stir. Then Swamiji himself went and woke him up. At tea time Swamiji told brother Baburam, “Look here, you are all organizers of the Math. If you do not observe a rule how would others do it? You will have to follow the rules more strictly than others. You must scrupulously observe them; this will encourage others to do the same.” Brother Baburam heard it quietly and said, “Today I would not get up in time, and this has caused inconvenience to others. I understand it, so Brother, do one thing; set a punishment for breaking any rule.” Hearing this Swamiji became grave and said, “Baburam, could you think of it? I to punish you!” Seeing tears in Swamiji’s eyes brother Baburam’s eyes also glistened with tears.

The news reached Rakhal Maharaj. He became anxious and immediately reached the place and intervened: “Why all this fuss – shedding tears, etc.? Do we not have it that anyone who would fail to get up in time will not get his meals that day at the Math, he will have to do madhukari?” Brother Baburam was very glad and said: “Raja is perfectly right. Today I will beg my food from outside.”

Just see the depth of their love for one another. One broke a rule and asked for punishment; another burst into tears at the thought that anyone could think of being punished by another; a third meted out a punishment, and the breaker of the law was glad to receive the punishment. If such love were not there no Math could be run. Where is that kind of love among you? Does one who breaks a law ask to be punished? Or when so punished does he feel happy at it? Now I see it so common among you – when there is a talk of punishment one leaves the Math in a huff. This is very bad indeed. If you stay at the Math you must observe its rules and regulations. But no, you will be there and you will not follow its routine. This attitude is dangerous. This breaks the organization.

Hearing the story the person understood his own fault, went back to the person-in-charge of that branch, begged pardon of him, and asked for punishment. Needless to say they were happy reconciled.

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