On Advising Others

On Advising Others

Now regarding advice: In a general way we all believe in giving advice; but applying the giving of advice to our daily lives is a very complex and puzzling affair.


Indiscriminate advice never brings the desired result in many cases, it brings just the opposite result. So, we try to give advice only when we care about the person and when we think our words will carry some weight.
In the case of someone who is stubborn and very near and dear to us and who, due to his lack of experience is in imminent danger of being harmed by an insincere person, we must take the risk of being disbelieved and misunderstood and offer the advice and then leave the matter in the hands of the Lord.

– Swami Saradananda

4 responses to “On Advising Others

  1. Getting advice from wise people helps to stay calm and positive at difficult times. Lack of care and indifference leads to wandering and suffering.

  2. மதிப்பிற்குரிய ஐயா, ஆங்கிலத்தில் முதல் பாதி புரிகிறது. பிற்பாதி தெளிவாக புரியவில்லை.எனவே தெளிவுபடுத்தினால் நன்றாக இருக்கும். நன்றி

  3. Kuzhali,
    Usually we wont give advice to everyone. If we give advice without considering receiver mindset the results may not be fruitful. If the receiver is very dear to us we won’t bother about the results but we give our guidance to them and leave the end results to the God.

  4. மதிப்பிற்குரிய ஐயா.சந்தேகத்தை தெளிவுபடுத்தியதற்கு மிகுந்த மகிழ்ச்சி.நன்றி.

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